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Notice: St. John's Meadows is located on the south side of Elmwood Ave. between Goodman St. and S. Clinton Ave. and is surrounded by a white fence.  For all programs at St. John's Meadows please turn left as you drive up the entrance way, and use the parking lot on Johnsarbor Drive East (click here for a map.) The back door is unlocked from 7:00 to 8:00 on meeting nights and it is easier to park there.

Friday, January 13, 7:30 PM
St. John's Meadows
Johnsarbor Drive East


Start the New Year with a trip to the Southern Hemisphere, presented by naturalists and BANC members Carol and David Southby. Amid the backdrop of spectacular scenery, we will enjoy some special trees, flowers, ferns, and birds that have evolved during the 85 million years that the islands of New Zealand have been isolated from the nearest land mass. Were they lucky enough to see the elusive Kiwi in the wild?

Friday, February 10, 7:30 PM
St. John's Meadows
Johnsarbor Drive East


Come along on a journey to southern Africa, including the Republic of South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia with Dr. Victor Poleshuck, Emeritus Professor from the University of Rochester Medical Center. In addition to great natural beauty, including Victoria Falls, we will explore the profusion of flora and fauna. There are reptiles, a large number of mammals (including all of the "big five") and many dozens of colorful birds.

Friday, March 10, 7:30 PM
St. John's Meadows

Johnsarbor Drive East


The historic Warner Castle Estate Gardens, part of Highland Park, are being reinvigorated by the Rochester Civic Garden Center, under the auspices of the Monroe County Parks Department. The design we see today dates to 1912. RCGC started to reestablish the historic garden rooms dates back to 2012 with contemporary plantings, selected for their appeal to pollinators, their natural resistance to disease and the critter population, and their overall variety and beauty. Milli Piccione spearheads this long-term project for the RCGC. Join her for a view of present and past.


Friday, April 7, 7:00 PM
Owl Woods

One of nature's sounds on a spring evening is the sound of courting woodcocks. They are secretive, but we will try to see them as they come out to the grassy edges to do their dance and flight display. We will join the Rochester Birding Association at 7:00 PM in the parking lot across from Owl Woods on Manitou Beach Rd. just north of the Lake Ontario State Parkway. Bring a flashlight.
Leader: Lucretia Grosshans, 671-1310.

Saturday, April 8, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
BANC Sanctuary


It's time once again to get the Sanctuary ready for our activities at the clubhouse and grounds. There will be hot soups and beverages for all helpers to enjoy at lunchtime. Bring any treats you want to share. Don't forget your gloves and rakes and help spruce up our Sanctuary.
Leader: Ginny Wilterdink, 385-3531 Host: Joanne Altre, 377-8549.

Wednesday, April 19, 6:00 PM
2328 Old Browncroft Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14625



Channel 8 Meteorologist Josh Nichols, has been fascinated by the weather ever since he was an elementary school student in the Boston area. After moving to Rochester, where he became a broadcast meteorologist and an adjunct instructor of weather and climate at Monroe Community College, he became the first TV meteorologist in Rochester to earn the status of Certified Broadcast Meteorologist through the American Meteorological Society, the nation's premier scientific and professional organization promoting and disseminating information about the atmospheric, oceanic, and hydrologic sciences. The certification is considered the highest seal of approval for meteorologists who are on television delivering weathercasts. With a background like his, Josh will help us better understand the unique climatology of Western New York and the forecast challenges meteorologists face in attempting to predict its ever-changing weather.
Join fellow BANC members for a delicious meal and a fascinating program.
Co-chairmen: Mary Gordon, 586-3524 and Sandra Dombrowski, 425-2380.

Friday, May 5,  6:00 PM
Potluck at BANC Sanctuary


Lynn Braband, a Certified Wildlife Biologist who joined the NYS Community Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program in May 1999 as an Extension Educator, will provide us with a brief description of tick biology. Then we will look at the four species within New York State and the diseases spread by each with an emphasis on the Black-legged Tick and Lyme disease. Procedures for reducing risk of disease by property management and personal protection will be delineated, and resources for more information will also be presented. Remember to bring your place setting and a dish to pass for the potluck supper.
Hosts: Linda Smith, 924-3871 and Kathie Henrie, 705-8789.

Wednesday, May 10, 7:00 - 8:30 PM
BANC Sanctuary Open House


With the songs of migrating birds in the treetops and the beauty of early flowers all around, what more perfect time to spend an evening at the BANC Sanctuary enjoying our lovely garden and grounds? Bring a guest along to help us acquaint our community with the special place 301 Railroad Mills Road is. Punch and cookies will be served.
Hosts: Shirley Shaw, 385-3907 and Cindy Coupal, 425-0785.


Thursday, May 18, 10:00 AM
Oatka Creek Park


Oatka Creek Park is a mostly undeveloped Monroe County Park that is home to a wide variety of wildlife not readily found elsewhere in the county. The second half of May is the peak of warbler spring migration with Oatka Creek as a main highway for this movement. Cuckoos and tanagers are active at this time. Trilliums, bluebells, and Jack-in-the Pulpits are in bloom, and several species of swallowtails and other butterflies flit and sun among the flowers. Finally, there are artifacts of the rich history of the area starting from the exploits of Ebenezer Allan in the late 1700's to the early 20th Century when the park was first established. Meet at the park, 9797 Union Street, Scottsville, 14546 (across from Quaker Rd.) in the parking lot near the entrance.
Bring binoculars, water, and a snack, with lunch optional after the walk.
Leader: Jim Adams, 402-5534.

Thursday, June 1, 6:00 PM
Potluck at BANC Sanctuary


Roxanne Ziegler is one of Rochester, NY's most versatile and accomplished harpists and harp instructors. Through her harp she brings elegance, comfort, and atmosphere to any occasion. Accompanied by some of her talented students, Roxanne will feature familiar tunes from classical to Celtic. Following the concert, we can ask questions about this most beautiful of instruments.
For dinner, bring your place setting and dish to pass.
Hosts: Shirley Shaw, 385-3907 and Betty Stewart, 586-7396.


Friday, June 2- Sunday, June 4
Allegany State Park


On the weekend of June 2nd, Allegany State Park will be bustling with enthusiastic nature lovers who will be involved in hikes, workshops, field trips and all kinds of learning experiences where it's all about nature. You might like to be one of these excited "pilgrims". Most of the veterans of the Pilgrimage return year after year. Nature programs are conducted for three days by eager and knowledgeable leaders. Nature topics include mammals, reptiles, trees, flowers, ferns, insects, birds, salamanders, butterflies, astronomy, ecology, animal tracks, beavers and owls. Other topics are paper-making, photography, sketching, nature games and more. There are bird walks and bird-banding bright and early in the morning and owl prowls, star-gazing and insect/moth vigils at night. On Friday and Saturday evenings there are presentations under a big tent. This is a nature weekend for the whole family. Campers also look forward to a chicken BBQ or veggie dinner on Saturday evening, if they so choose. To register, go to www.alleganynaturepilgrimage.com. Book your cabins or campsites soon at www.reserveamerica.com or call 1-800-456-CAMP.
Questions? Call Julie or Dean Clayton, 249-9489.

Sunday, June 11,  2:00 - 4:00 PM


Bring children you know of all ages along with their families to enjoy the fascinating things that are too small to be seen by the human eye. Microscopes will be available as we take a look at the tiny inhabitants of Irondequoit Creek and our grounds, plant structures, and even grains of sand. Families and their children are invited to join the fun and need not be members to participate.
Leaders: Jutta Dudley, 385-2368; Marigrace Piazza, 383-8462; Jackson Thomas, 671-8949

Friday, June 16, 6:00 PM
Potluck at BANC Sanctuary


New landscapes created by ice age glacial activity surround us today and conceal hidden terrain. How did this topography form and what is buried below it? You'll find out from Geologist Jutta Dudley as we look at some features above and below ground, with special attention to our BANC neighborhood, the Irondequoit Valley, and the shifted Genesee River.
Don't forget your dish to pass and place setting for the potluck dinner.
Hosts: Carolyn Ragan, 385-2065; Nancy Wint, 315-986-4189; and Ellen Prill, 721-4103.

Saturday, June 24, 10:00 AM
Cobb's Hill Park


In this excursion we will observe geologic features that reveal the history of the lower Genesee River at the end of the last ice age. A recessional moraine along the City's southern border, several waterfalls, and a river within a gorge, help tell this extraordinary story. The trip starts at Cobb's Hill where we imagine the actions of a retreating glacier and a river seeking a route to the north. Farther downstream we'll picture how the waterfalls were created. As we walk in the gorge between lower and Middle Falls you'll also learn something about deep time from the colorful sedimentary strata exposed in the walls.
Trip limited to 12 people. Meet at 10:00 AM along the north side of Cobb's Hill Reservoir Rd. where you can view downtown. Two more stops will be at High Falls and Maplewood Park. Please make reservations with trip leader Jutta Dudley by June 21. Call 385-2368 or e-mail juttasd@aol.com




Wednesday, June 28, 6:00 -– 8:30 PM
BANC Sanctuary  Open House


This will be the second annual Family Nature Night open to the public at the sanctuary. Families with children of all ages are invited to join the fun and need not be members to participate. During the Family Night, BANC members will be on hand with displays demonstrating their particular interests. The trails in the Sanctuary will be open to the public for exploring. A scavenger hunt is planned as well as guided walks. There will be displays related to insects, birds, fossils and rocks and minerals. During the evening, nature observation and learning will be celebrated as well as the beauty of our special nature preserve. Come to enjoy or to share your expertise! For further information, call the hosts.
Hosts: Marigrace Piazza, 383-8462 and Fred and Patty Haynes, 203-1733.

Friday, July 7,   6:00 PM
Potluck at BANC Sanctuary


New York has a diverse and interesting geology and offers a multitude of collecting opportunities for fossils, minerals, and even just plain interesting rocks. We'll review sites from the Adirondacks to the Finger Lakes and perhaps even into adjacent states and Ontario. Geology knows no borders. The talk will include some geology and lots of sights and specimens. Presenter Fred Haynes is a retired geologist. He is a BANC member and also a member of several geology and mineral clubs in western and upstate New York and is enjoying retirement visiting interesting geology and collecting. He is the editor of the Wayne County Gem and Mineral Club newsletter.
For the potluck supper, bring your place setting and a dish to pass.
Hosts: Carol Klinger, 377-6072; Jane Stock, 425-7293, and Lura Kelley.



Thursday, July 13, 10:00 AM
Black Creek Park


Join the members of the Rochester Butterfly Club as we explore a lesser-known part of Black Creek Park, looking for butterflies, caterpillars, summer wildflowers and plants that butterflies use. Easy, level walking, about 2 hours.

Meet in the parking lot near Sunnyside Lodge in Black Creek Park, 3835 Union Street, North Chili, NY 14514. Take I490 west to exit#4, go south on Union Street (Rt 259) approximately 1 mile.  Enter park, and at the T junction, turn right (north) and meet near the restrooms.

We will carpool from there to a nearby area of the park. Bring binoculars, camera, hat and water. Optionally bring lunch.  If the weather is good, we may visit another part of the park in the afternoon.  Leaders: Carol and David Southby, 383-8168.


Saturday, July 22,   7:00 – 9:30 PM
BANC Sanctuary


Whether "sugaring" trees or back-lighting a hanging bed sheet, it's fascinating to attract moths and other nocturnal insects. David and Carol Southby's exhibits will help us become better acquainted with moths and ways to attract them. Jay Greenberg will provide tips to meet the challenge of photographing these nocturnal creatures. Weather permitting, after dark we'll learn what's flying around the sanctuary grounds. And if there are a lot of creatures to see, our leaders may be persuaded to stay around a little longer than 9:30.
Hosts: Carol and David Southby, 383-8168 and Shirley Shaw, 385-3907.

Friday, August 4, 6:00 PM
Potluck at BANC Sanctuary


Have you heard of Emerald Ash Borer, Hemlock Wooly Adelgid or Asian Longhorned Beetle? How about Viburnum Leaf Beetle or Gypsy Moth? These insects are affecting native trees and shrubs throughout New York State and changing the ecosystems around us. Join Kevin Farrell, Land Stewardship Director at Genesee Land Trust, to learn about these pests and other factors impacting forest health as well as what is being done and what you can do to help.
Bring your place setting and a dish to pass.
Hosts: Shirley Shaw, 385-3907 and Julie Clayton, 249-9489.

Tuesday, August 8, 11:00 - 2:00 PM
BANC Sanctuary Open House


Since we started this tradition of John Burroughs Appreciation Day, we have learned a lot about the celebrated nature writer, John Burroughs, after whom this club is named. The original BANC members had read his many books. Bring a bag lunch, and come enjoy our sanctuary. We will read some short selections from John Burroughs' writings, which will be provided, and after lunch, have a short discussion of what we've read.
Hosts: Julie Clayton, 249-94889, and Joanne Altre, 377-8549.

Friday, August 25, 6:00 PM
Potluck at BANC Sanctuary


Being on the trail not only renews your ties to Mother Earth, but promotes an active life-style with countless benefits to your physical and mental health. Long-time ADK member Jackson Thomas will examine some of the wealth of local hiking in Monroe County, plus an overview of the Finger Lakes Trail and some of the trails in the High Peaks of the Adirondacks. The presentation will conclude with scenes from one of the trails in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and will convince you (if you're not already) that hiking in the woods is always a glorious day.
Be sure to bring your dish to pass and a place setting.
Hosts: Linda Smith, 924-3871 and Shirley Shaw, 385-3907.

Wednesday, August 30,  10:00 AM
BANC Sanctuary


In late summer the wetlands of our sanctuary are colorfully arrayed with Goldenrod, Joe Pye Weed, Boneset, Great Blue Lobelia, and Turtlehead. Members of the Canandaigua Botanical Society will join us and our dragonfly expert, Jon Dombrowski, as we search for dragonflies and damselflies along our boardwalks and trails amid the beautiful flowers of late summer. Bring binoculars, water, and a lunch to enjoy on the porch afterwards, if you wish.
Leader: Jon Dombrowski, 425-2380.

Saturday, September 9, 10:00 AM
Bentley Woods Preserve


The Nature Conservancy's Bentley Woods Preserve has some old growth woods and a small bog and is an excellent place to find fungi in September. We will meet at the BANC Sanctuary at 10:00 AM to carpool to the nearby preserve. Mushroom expert, Dave Wolf, will be on hand to help us find and identify the fungi there. A hand lens is helpful to enjoy them close up. You may bring lunch to eat on the porch at the sanctuary afterwards.
Leader: Dave Wolf, 482-2644.

Sunday, September 17,  2:00 – 4 :00 PM
BANC Sanctuary


As summer draws to a close, it's time to relax and enjoy a nice cup of tea. Charlie Woodruff, retired representative of Mighty Leaf Tea Company, will present a history of tea, one of the world's favorite beverages, as we sample a selection of fine herbal, green, and black teas.
Hosts: Charlie Woodruff and Jayne Dean, 434-4604 and Shirley Shaw, 385-3907.

Saturday, September 30, 3:30 PM
Annual Picnic at BANC Sanctuary


Wildlife artist Jennifer Miller, winner of the 2015-2016 Federal Duck Stamp, will speak to us about the history of artwork as a conservation tool, from the 1930's until modern day. She will show ways that art inspires people to care for conservation and environmental issues. Part of it is a personal journey into trying to get conservation messages out to the public. We will have activities for children and adults prior to the picnic, beginning at 3:30. Participants will be encouraged to explore and draw their observations as well, but it is not required and sometimes people just like to watch. Nature journaling can be done with any tool on paper, and is the act of more closely observing and learning about the natural world around us… from a single leaf to a sweeping landscape.

Due to the overwhelming success of the past two years' photo exhibit and contest, we will have a Third Annual Photo Exhibit at the picnic. Winners will be selected by a vote of those present, and after the results are announced, Jennifer will help us understand from an artist's perspective, the appeal of the winning photographs.

Bring a dish to pass made with local ingredients, your table setting and a folding table and chairs if you can.
Hosts: Donella Ashworth, 381-2189 and Ellen Prill, 721-4103.

Friday, October 13,  7:30 PM

St. John's Meadows
Johnsarbor Drive East
Note: The speaker and subject have been changed from the Program Booklet listing.

by Dominic Sherony

There are fifteen mechanisms that give rise to all color in nature. Three of these are operative in the coloration of bird plumages. These mechanisms can combine in different ways and can function in different ways to give rise to the variations in intensity and spectrum of colors seen in bird plumages. The mechanisms will be discussed with examples of the various effects demonstrated.

Dominic Sherony was originally from the Chicago area but he and his family settled in Rochester, NY. He is retired after thirty-one years at Xerox Corporation as a manager and engineer. He has been an active birder since 1971and his birding interests include listing, bird photography, observation, active in the local bird club and applying his interests in analysis to birding questions. He has published about a dozen papers including three in ABA's Birding journal. He was a regional coordinator for New York State's second Breeding Bird Atlas program and is a member of the New York State Avian Records Committee and has been a regular volunteer at Braddock Bay Bird Observatory.

Saturday, October 28, 10:00 AM
Highland Park


Highland Park is beautiful all year round and its trees can really put on a show in October. As we stroll the paths in the park our tree expert, Frank Crombe, will help us appreciate the wonderful specimens of trees and shrubs found in the park in their fall finery. We will meet on Reservoir Ave. across from the Conservatory at 10:00.
Leader: Frank Crombe, 889-5644.

Saturday, November 4, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
BANC Sanctuary


We'll all be pitching in to help clean up the sanctuary for winter. The clubhouse needs some cleaning by the fall and our lawn and parking area will have a cover of leaves to rake. The trails may also need some attention. Just like each of our houses, we need to keep up with the maintenance of our sanctuary we hold dear. Bring a rake and work gloves. We'll have hot soups and beverages for lunch. Bring some goodies to share, if you wish.
Leader: Dean Clayton, 249-9489. Host: Becky Olson, 388-7779.



Friday, November 10, 7:30 PM
Johnsarbor Drive East
St. John's Meadows


Experience night has always proven to be one of the most exciting nights of the year. Our members are so knowledgeable and appreciative of nature which is always most evident on Experience Night. Presentations will be by our members: that means YOU! Please feel free to share a story, show special photos, read a favorite poem, show a PowerPoint presentation or whatever you feel comfortable doing to share your experience. The experience portion will follow our president's report on the state of the club and the election of officers and council members. To reserve your place on the evening's program, please call Richard Ashworth, 381-2189.

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